| 1st January 2021

Home Gym Ideas for Setting Up the Ultimate Workout Space

If you started the past new year off with the resolution of getting in shape or losing weight, you might have run into a roadblock with the events of 2020 that eventually unfolded. 

With country-wide lockdowns and the need to slow the spread, many gyms and fitness studios closed their doors. 

So what are you to do? Here’s one idea build your own home gym! 

Whether you’re going a little stir-crazy at home in quarantine, or you’re looking to get fit in the new year, we’re sharing all of our tips for home gym ideas. 


How to set up a home gym

Tired of paying a monthly fee at a big box gym so you can maybe snag your favourite treadmill? Or maybe you’re not ready to be in such a confined space with tonnes of other folks thanks to the worldwide pandemic. 

A home gym is the perfect alternative but how do you go about setting one up? And what does it even need?

We’re laying out some home gym ideas for you down below! 


Find the perfect workout space

Before you can get your sweat on, you’ll need to find the right space to set up your home gym. The right space includes plenty of room (or at least room for a yoga mat) so you can swing your kettlebells or get your HIIT workout in without hitting the wall next to you. 


Here are just a few ideas for finding the perfect place for your home gym: 

Young man works out with weights from his garage home gym

Basement gym

For the serious fitness guru, make your own workout space in your basement for a big box gym feel. 


With a basement gym, you’ll be able to fit multiple pieces of fitness equipment to get in a killer workout. We’re chatting about what all you’ll need to stock up your gym in a minute, too. 


Garage gym

This is the perfect spot for you if you don’t want to have reminders of needing to workout inside your house. A garage gym is another option that will give you plenty of space for more equipment, too. 


A gym with a view

If you’ve got a window with a great view of the outdoors, consider setting up your gym there. It’ll feel like you’re outside without having to actually be in the freezing cold weather during the winter. 


Corner gym

Don’t let living in an apartment or a smaller space keep you from making a fantastic home gym. Pick a corner that has enough room for some smaller equipment, and set up your gym there!


Stock up on the right home gym equipment

Now that you’ve got the perfect spot to set up your home workout space, you’re going to need to stock it. So what does a home gym need? We’ve broken it down into three categories for you! 



Whether you’ve got plenty of room for gym equipment, or you need to stay space-conscious, there’s plenty of options to get your cardio in. 


  • Skipping Rope:

Don’t underestimate the intense cardio workout you’ll get with one of these bad boys. And it’s not just cardio! A skipping rope will give your entire body a workout. 


If you’re wanting an even more advanced option, go for a weighted skipping rope to really torch those calories. 


(alt-text: Two treadmills, an elliptical machine, and a stationary bike in a gym overlooking an outdoor pool.) 


  • Treadmill: 

If you’ve got the room and you’re really into cardio, consider getting a treadmill for your home fitness space. While they can be big and bulky, there are definitely sleeker options on the market. 


  • Exercise Bike: 

If you’re still space conscious but you have a little more room to work with, look into an exercise bike. Not only is this more of a space-saver than a treadmill, it’ll give you a great workout, too. Plus, biking is easier on your knees and ankles! 


Strength training

Believe it or not, you don’t necessarily need all of the fancy cable machines that you find in the gym (but, I mean, if you want to add those to your home gym, then by all means do). Here’s what you can stock in your home workout space instead. 


  • Dumbbells

Looking for the perfect alternative to cable machines in the gym? You’re gonna need a set of dumbbells, then! Super versatile and great for smaller spaces, dumbbells are a fantastic addition to your stocked home gym. 


  • Kettlebells 

Similar to dumbbells, kettlebells are another great addition to add to your stockpile. And unlike dumbbells, you don’t need to have a pair to get the same amount of workout in. Get a great full body workout with just one kettlebell. 


  • Resistance Bands

Ready to tone some muscle?  Then don’t overlook resistance bands! These will get your muscles burning in no time. 


  • Pull Up Bar

If you’re wanting to build that upper body, include a pull up bar in your workout space. 


  • Workout Bench

And if you’re including any kind of weight training in your workout routine, consider adding a weight bench, too. From bench presses to Bulgarian squats, a workout bench will help you get a full body workout in. Want more bang for your buck? Look at a bench that includes a storage place for your weights. 


Active recovery

We’ve all heard the importance of including active recovery in your workout regimen. So, when you build your home gym, don’t skip out on that part! 


Here’s just a few things to include. 

Young woman holds a yoga pose on her yoga mat in her home gym


  • Yoga mat

Get a yoga mat to give your stretching routine some cushion from hard flooring. Plus you’ll be able to use your yoga mat for any kind of plyo workouts to help soften the blow on your joints. 


  • Yoga wheel

If you’re adding yoga to your active recovery routine, you’ll probably benefit from a yoga wheel. You’ll get a deeper stretch with the aid of one, which means you’ll feel more recovered for your next workout. 


  • Foam rollers

Ready for a massage at home without having to rely on someone else? Get yourself a foam roller to roll away muscle soreness and stiffness. You’ll recover faster and get back to giving 110% on your next workout. 


Get your sweat on

Now comes the easy part! Once you’ve found the perfect workout spot and you’ve stocked your home gym with the right equipment, it’s time to put it to good use. 


Hop on the treadmill or exercise bike for a great cardio workout, or use your skipping rope if that’s what you opted for. Lift your dumbbells and kettlebells or use those resistance bands to build and tone muscle. 


If you’re looking to continue your journey to keeping fit and in shape, now’s the perfect time to create an awesome workout space right at home. With these home gym ideas, you won’t even miss those big box gyms (or their monthly fees). 


Ready to get started on building your own perfect home gym? 

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