| 1st February 2021

12 Fantastic Indoor Activities for Kids (and You!) To Do At Home

It’s that time of year. The days are shorter (although we’re finally starting to see the grand stretch!) and the cold is upon us. It doesn’t help that we’re all still confined to the realms of our homes. 

So, if you’re looking for indoor activities to keep kids busy this lockdown, we’ve got you covered!

From family game nights, to indoor concerts, to experimenting with science, we’re listing 12 fantastic indoor activities to do at home with kids. 


Have a family game night

board game with game piece

Make some amazing memories as a family with this indoor activity idea for kids. Choose a board game, pick an after dinner snack, and focus on having a wonderful night with a family game night!

Whether you decide on a board game, a card game, or something in between, we’ve got plenty for you to choose from.


Build Lego together

Build the foundations of architecture and creativity with this indoor activity for kids. Get your kids started with a Lego kit and let their hands get to work. 

The best thing about Lego is kids can follow the instructions and build an incredible Lego set. Or they can get creative and build something completely unique to them. Either way, they’ll stay entertained indoors during lockdown for hours! 


Play make-believe in fancy dress

Indoor activities with kids can include pretend play with fancy dress

Let your kids’ imaginations run wild (and bring Comic Con right to your sitting room) with this indoor activity!

Whether they’re dressing as their favorite princess or their favorite superhero, this is a perfect way to spend time together indoors this winter (and during the pandemic). 

Need help getting a fantastic fancy dress outfit to bring Comic Con to your home? We’ve got you covered with every costume imaginable, so your child is bound to find an alter-ego they love. 


Host a dance party

One of the worst parts of being cooped up inside is that it’s harder to stay active and stretch your legs. 

And if we’re feeling that struggle, then your kids definitely are, too. Host a dance party to let them get their energy out, and you can get yours out with them!


Pitch a tent in the sitting room

If your kids are going stir-crazy from being cooped up inside, bring the outdoors in to them! 

Sure, it’s not quite the same as camping in the great outdoors, but with imagination and the right items, it can definitely be a close second.

Set up a pop-up tent in the sitting room, use a flashlight and cut out red and yellow flames from coloured paper to resemble a campfire, and cook up some fun camp dishes for dinner. 

Your kids will rave over this indoor activity! 


Conduct a science experiment

Is it just us, or is it every parent’s dream for their kids to have fun while learning? And even better if they don’t realize they’re actually learning?! 

We’ve got great news for you! You can do exactly that with your kids this winter with at-home science experiments. And not just the slime activity that’s so been-there-done-that. 

Build an erupting volcano, swirl up a tornado in a tube, or create crystals from scratch with an at-home science kit. 

Have a little chemist on your hands? Go for a chemistry set so your mad scientist can really get creative with science. 

And if you’ve got a tech savvy kid at home, don’t miss out on a coding lab that will really get their gears moving. Your techy child will develop some serious brain-boosting skills all while playing with a certified STEM product that even includes programming their own robot. 


Create a DIY project

Channel your inner Pinterest guru by creating a DIY project! 

Coming up with the project is part of the fun, and can be an indoor activity with your kids in and of itself. Find ideas for what kind of project you want to do together, gather up all of your materials, and get to work! 

Plus, teaching your kids to be resourceful is an incredibly valuable life lesson to be learned. So, creating a DIY project together is more than just spending quality time with each other! 

If you’re ready to do a DIY project as an indoor activity with your kids, but you’re not too keen on coming up with the project yourself, we’ve got plenty of DIY options for kids for you to choose from.


Finish a jigsaw puzzle

Jigsaw puzzle pieces

Ready to teach your kids the art of patience and perseverance? You’re gonna need a jigsaw puzzle to do it.

If you’re looking for the perfect lockdown indoor activity to do with your kids, this will be perfect. And you’ll teach them some valuable life lessons in the process. Like, it’s okay to take a break, just always come back and finish what you started. Or, it’s not okay to toss the table upside down when it’s taking too long to finish it. 


Read aloud during story time

It might seem like reading aloud is just a simple indoor activity for your kids, but you may be surprised to know all of the excellent benefits that come along with it. 

Reading aloud to your kids is known to strengthen the parts of the brain that are associated with visual imagery, reading comprehension, and the meaning of words. And it also develops social and emotional aspects of your children’s lives, too. 

So, if you’re looking for excellent indoor activities for kids at home, don’t skip over story time. Have plenty of books for them on hand that they can choose from, and snuggle up with a great story that has plenty of benefits (plus, you know you want to know what happens to that hungry caterpillar at the end, too).  


Have a makeover

Did you ever play with your mom’s makeup growing up? Like, standing in her high heels in the bathroom, and applying so much lipstick it would make a clown blush? 

If you did, then you totally know that’s a major memory to be made as a kid. If you want to help them make those same kinds of memories, then doing makeovers is the perfect indoor activity for your kids! And maybe pick up some makeup cleansing facial wipes for the aftermath. Don’t say we didn’t warn you! 


Have an indoor concert

When was the last time you made it to a concert? With the pandemic still keeping certain entertainment activities off limits, we’re guessing it’s been a hot minute since you’ve seen a live musician. 

But, the great news is, we’ve got everything to bring a full-blown concert right to your living room. From keyboards and drum sets, to guitars and karaoke machines – you can start charging a cover just for someone setting foot in your sitting room to hear your kids show off their musical talents (ear plugs not included). 


Paint a masterpiece

Small toddler uses blue finger paint to paint a masterpiece at home this winter

If you’ve got a regular Picasso at home, give them the tools they need to create a complete masterpiece. 

Whether they’re ready for their own easel, or you’re looking for a colouring book so you two can practice your cross hatching skills, our range of art supplies has it covered. And let’s be honest, colouring in a colouring book is just as much a stress reliever for you as it is for your kids. 


Indoor activities for kids during lockdown? Sorted!

There you have it! Twelve fantastic indoor activities for kids at home this lockdown. 

Enjoy an indoor camp out, paint a masterpiece with your little Picasso, and carve out time to read a story aloud.

And don’t forget – if you’re ready to get busy with some indoor activities with kids, we’ve got everything you need to get started. 

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