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What To Wear To A Christening

What to Wear To A Christening 

We know what the baby is going to wear, but what about us? 

Choosing an outfit that you can wear to a christening shouldn’t be difficult, right? We’re here to give you some pointers on how you can dress appropriately for a baptism while still letting your personal style shine. 

Christening guest outfit ideas for women

what to wear to a christening teenager

Are you attending as one of the guests of honour or simply an invited guest? If the hosts did not specify a motif or dress code for the occasion, and you’re not sure what to wear, your best source is the child’s mother.

Ask her what she will be wearing and base your wardrobe decision on that. 

Another rule is not to upstage the mother.  It’s her special day too and you surely don’t want to ruin it by wearing an extravagant, distracting dress. 

Now, here are some dress ideas specific to your role at the baptism: 

What to wear to a christening: Godmother

The spotlight is on you, godmother! So be sure to exude class while still being church-appropriate. You can look at stylish royals Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle for inspiration.

However, looking regal doesn’t mean that you need to spend a fortune on your dress.For example, look at this satin midi dress. The modest length of the dress makes it ideal for a church ceremonies, such as weddings or christenings. The good thing about satin dresses is that you can also wear it to parties and other fun events. 

Another option is a bodycon dress. Meghan Markle usually wears this type of outfit for formal events and royal photoshoots. 

Feeling playful? Why not try a formal jumpsuit? Wearing them with a pair of black strappy sandals and a gorgeous clutch bag can turn this fun outfit into a classy ensemble. 

What to wear to a christening: Grandmother 

As the baby’s grandmother, you surely want to look beautiful for the family portraits that will remind everyone of this special day. 

If you’re still deciding what to wear, stick to soft and delicate colours for your dress. Solid colours are a popular choice because prints or patterns can look outdated. Your safe bets are either a lace dress or a shift dress. If you do want to wear a print, floral dresses are usually the way to go.  

As the grandmother of the baby, you might be expected to mingle with guests and family members. So make sure your outfit is very comfortable to move around in. 

Needless to say, you need to match your shoes and accessories to your outfit. If you’re sticking to neutrals for your dress, then you can have a bit of fun and add some colour to your ensemble with a bold-coloured bag or some jewellery

What to wear to a christening: Teenage girl

For teenagers, the key is to dress modestly and age-appropriate. Often, teens are made to look older in formal events but the best thing to do is to dress them in something that they are comfortable to wear. 

Just pick any dress they would usually wear to church. It would also be good if you can consult them regarding their own personal style. Do they want a ribbon? Or maybe they like the dress with the floral print better? 

Should they wear heels? Low heels or flats should be fine for this type of occasion. 

In terms of makeup, light makeup is okay and they can also wear any accessory that would go with their dress. 

Christening guest outfit ideas for men

what to wear to a christening guest

Weddings and christenings are very special events, and are the perfect opportunity to step up your suit game. 

Here are some ideas on what you should wear to this festive event, as well as some commonly asked questions about specific articles of clothing: 

What to wear to a christening: Godfather 

Because you’re in the spotlight for this occasion, you have to look your best. A suit is a safe option for this event: the idea is to make you look like a responsible adult who is capable of looking after a child! 

It’s not necessary to wear a tie but it’s definitely advisable. Choose a tie with a solid colour or sensible print that goes well with the formality of the event. 

Do you wear a suit to a christening?

The simplest solution is often the right one. For most christenings, it’s best to go with a reliable, smart suit. At the very least, wear matching trousers and blazer. Feel free to ditch the waistcoat. 

A navy suit is man’s best friend when it comes to these events. You can also pair your suit with formal black shoes.

Can you wear jeans to a christening?

Generally, this isn’t a good idea, no matter how clean your pair of jeans. Casual trousers are also a no-no. Looking too informal can be a sign of disrespect.  The rule of thumb is you’d rather looked dressed up than dressed down. 

Do you wear a tie at a christening?

If you’re wearing a suit to a baptism and you’re wondering if you should wear a tie, the straightforward answer is it’s not strictly necessary. 

It doesn’t hurt to wear one but make sure that it has a solid colour or a pattern. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t be the right time to bring out your funky tie with a crazy design or print. 

Does christening attire change depending on the season?

what to wear to a christening in march

Though there are colours and staples that you can rely on at any given time, what you have to consider is the kind of material used for these outfits. 

Naturally, you want warmer clothes during the cold season and you can even tweak your ensemble with some layering. 

Here are some pointers on what to wear to a christening for the different seasons: 

What to wear to a christening in the spring and summer 

Spring and summer are the seasons when you can wear breathable and light dresses that you (hopefully!) don’t have to cover up with blazers or a coat. 

A christening may not be as formal as a wedding so you can wear semi-formal clothing that suits the weather. For example, you can wear a knee-length or midi dress with sleeves that are comfortable.

For men, you may be worried that you would be sweating under the sun if you wear a suit. If you still want to look dapper without roasting, consider a lightweight linen suit. 

The downside to linen suits? They easily wrinkle so you may have to restrict your movements — running around or dancing during the after-party might leave a few creases! 

If you still want to dance after the ceremony or maybe the hosts even have a few party games that require your participation, don’t worry. There’s a solution for that. The trick is to wear something that looks crisp but wouldn’t crease easily. 

An example would be a linen jacket. You can pair it with chinos but make sure to get one in a colour that matches the rest of your outfit!

What if you still want to hit the dance floor during the party? A linen jacket paired with chinos in a complementary colour may do the trick. That way, your trousers will stay crisp and sharp all day long. 

Another option is a summer tweed or moleskin jacket. For a laidback ceremony and afterparty, and if you have traditional tastes, corduroy is a good choice.

What to wear to a christening during autumn or winter

Women who like darker colours would be ecstatic for these seasons. If you’re not the type of girl who likes floral and dainty colours, then you should rejoice at the fact that it’s more acceptable to wear blues, violets, and greys for autumn or winter christenings. 

Don’t forget to layer too with warm wrap coats — just make sure you don’t wear a black leather coat or a biker jacket. 

For men, the winter weather is the perfect time to bring out that woolen suit. In terms of colours, you can also choose a darker hue: charcoal or navy are safe bets. 

During these cold months, tweed is also a great choice because it’s warm, traditional, and it looks good on everyone. 

Common christening guest questions, answered

what do you wear to a christening female

Q: What should I wear to a christening afterparty?  

A: After the formal church service, there is usually an afterparty where guests are expected to let loose and have fun. If you don’t want to pack a separate outfit for dancing, make sure your dress or suit is something that allows you to move freely. 

For women, make sure your dress isn’t so tight that your movements are restricted. Wear shoes that you can also use for dancing. For men, a linen suit or jacket is also more breathable and light – perfect for moving about. 

Q: Is it okay to wear black to a christening?

A: Black is not typically recommended, because for many it’s a mourning colour. During the winter months, while it’s more acceptable to wear darker colours, stick to charcoal, grey, or navy blue. 

Q: What are the accessories I can wear to a christening? 

A: For men, consider wearing a silk tie, a pocket square, or a pair of cufflinks. They are perfect finishing touches because they add a pop of colour to your outfit. 

For women, don’t wear jewellery that will steal the shine from the hosts. Your bag is also entirely up to you but consider how it looks like with the rest of your ensemble. 

Q: What should I bring to a christening? 

A: Looking for the perfect christening gift?  We’ve got a gorgeous range of personalised gifts that would make a gorgeous present for your loved one!

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