| 22nd June 2021

Summer hair SOS!

The summer hair SOS …

We’ve all been there. You leave the house in summer with perfectly smooth and silky hair and then a few hours later the heat transforms it into a crispy, frazzled mess that you end up putting in the usual messy bun because it’s beyond fixing.  Just one of summer’s little beauty problems!  Well, we’ve been doing some digging and got loads of tips and tricks from the experts to help you get enviable summer hair that stays just the way you want it …

So, what are the summer hair basics?

From your fringe sticking to your head to colour fading and split ends galore, there are all kinds of summer hair-mares to deal with.  These are a few tips from hair experts to help you start your sun-ready regime

  • Frizz – the number one good-hair-day-killer. When your hair is wavy or curly you’ve got to lock in moisture to stop hair drying out, a leave in conditioner is a great starting point as it seals the cuticle to block out the humidity
  • Grease – when you add together wind, intense heat, sunscreen and sweat, it all combines to make your hair feel a little greasy, especially at the roots. The best cure for this is to brush through some dry shampoo which will make your hair feel fresh and healthy again.
  • Fading – you’ve got your hair just the shade you love and then the sun goes and fades it, Not good.  Look for products with a UV filter that’ll lock in your lovely colour and keep the rays at bay.
  • The inevitable break-out – all you fringe wearers out there will know this one. You leave your bangs down and then get treated to a forehead full of spots. Nice. Our tip for this is to trawl Insta for some cute ways to tie your fringe back, sport a whole new look for summer!
  • Blonde probs – you have to really focus on protection and restoration. Start with a good SPF to apply to your hair in the morning and through the day, always wet your hair before you go in a pool to help stop discolouration and use an intense mask weekly to help your locks stay in tip-top condition.

DIY summer hair hacks

Investing in salon approved products is a great starting point but there are lots of things you can do from home to give your summer hair the love and care it needs.  You should definitely wash your hair less often in the summer – as crazy as that sounds when it’s so humid out.  The logic behind this is that shampoo can be very drying as it strips hair of its natural oils.  Try and go a few days in-between and get creative with tying your hair up on no-wash days.  You should also experiment with making your own hair masks from natural ingredients, these are an absolute godsend in the summer and are packed with 100% natural remedies that nourish and restore (you can find one of our favourite recipes a bit further down!).

Another trick is to try and cut down on the time you spend blow-drying your hair.  It can be tempting to want perfectly sleek locks, but it really puts pressure on your hair which can lead to breakage.  Try and air-dry your hair at least every other wash to give it a chance to recover.

If your hair is really prone to drying and frizz, we love mixing a little aloe vera juice and avocado oil with water and giving a spritz throughout the day to calm down and control.  Plus, if you keep it in the fridge, it’s a lovely cooling treat when the heat is on.   Also use a wide-tooth comb instead of a brush to de-tangle as this will put far less stress on your tresses.

Make this at home!

Whipping up an at-home hair treat is super-simple and you know that everything in there is natural, with no chemicals.  Apply this once a week and leave on for as long as possible for the best results!

Banana Honey Hair Mask

1 banana
1/4 cup honey
1/2 cup plain yogurt

Puree your banana into a smooth paste before adding the other ingredients to make sure there are no big chunks that can get stuck in your hair. Bananas are packed with vitamins, antioxidants, potassium and added moisture, making them the perfect thing to help nourish your dried-out hair. It’ll work to strengthen hair follicles while promoting a healthy scalp. Mash the banana, then stir in the honey and yogurt, mixing well until you have a smooth yet thick consistency. Apply to your hair and relax for a while so the ingredients can get to work – enjoy!

Summer hair must-haves

Now you know a few tips and tricks to beat the heat, here are a few of our favourite summer hair saviours to put on your shopping list …

This Beauty Works x Molly-Mae protective UV Spray is the perfect thing to throw in your bag when you’re heading out in the sun.  It minimizes colour fade and protects your hair from drying out, plus it’s 100% vegan friendly too.  We wouldn’t be without it!

The Beauty Works Miracle Spray is a Ten in One spray has a combination of Argan, Linen Seeds and Macadamia that will leave your hair feeling lovely and nourished plus protected from heat. This will fast become your summer go-to hair saviour, with loads of benefits in just one spritz!

The longer you leave this wonder-mask in, the better the result. It completely transforms dull, damaged or dry hair into beautifully healthy-looking hair.  Kelp Seaweed helps to improve hair texture. Argan and Coconut oils helps nourish damaged hair. Avocado oil helps to hydrate and condition hair. Ginseng helps to strengthen hair and tame frizz.

It’s the treat your summer hair has been crying out for!

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