| 22nd July 2021

How to Choose a Mother of the Bride Dress

When it comes to picking the perfect outfit as the Mother of the Bride, or the Groom, even celebrities can have a hard time. 

Royal mum-in-law Carole Middleton reportedly changed her mind just before her daughter Kate’s wedding to Prince William. She dropped her outfit for a stunning sky-blue Catherine Walker creation instead. Her elegant look became a major talking point, but she never overshadowed the bride.

With wedding season in full swing, the search for the gorgeous mother of the bride dresses is on. 

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What is a mother of the bride dress? 

A mother of the bride dress is exactly what it sounds like! It’s the dress or outfit worn by the mother of the bride on the wedding day. 

So why is it important? Well, as the mother of the bride, eyes will be on you, too! You’ll walk down the aisle both at the start of the ceremony and at the end. And chances are, you’ll be making the rounds at the reception and greeting all of the guests, just like the bride and groom. 

More than likely, you’ll want to look the part! So take time to find the perfect mother of the bride dress for the big day. We’ve got plenty of tips and advice for you when it comes to choosing the right one. 


Tips for Choosing a Mother of the Bride Dress or Outfit

It’s a big occasion and finding the perfect outfit is tricky. You want to look stylish but age appropriate. You want to grab attention, but you also want to feel comfortable all day long. You also want the right amount of cover if the Irish weather does a U-turn on the day.

Should the bride choose the mother of the bride dress or outfit? 

Traditionally, the bride does have a say in the choosing of the mother of the bride dress or outfit. She’ll weigh in on whether or not she feels the colour and style fits the colour palette, mood, and aesthetic of the day overall. She’ll also help you choose whether or not the dress or outfit fits the bridal party’s dresses, as well. 

But you should still have a large say in choosing your dress or outfit since it’s your outfit. If something is uncomfortable to you, or if you don’t feel confident in something, then you should definitely say so. Be open and honest in how you’re feeling as you choose the right outfit for the wedding day! 

Consider the length of the mother of the bride dress

As you start the process of choosing a dress, you might be wondering, “can a mother of the bride wear a long dress?” The quick answer – absolutely! 

There’s nothing wrong with a mother of the bride wearing a long, floor length gown. And there may be several reasons why you choose this route. 

Floor length gowns are perfect for formal-attire weddings. If you’re hosting a black tie affair, or even if you’re just hosting a wedding that’s not quite considered casual, a floor length gown is an excellent choice. 

And even if you are hosting a casual wedding, you may not feel comfortable in a mother of the bride dress that shows too much leg. If that’s the case, opt for a long dress! 

Of course, if you’re feeling comfortable and confident in a shorter dress, look at tea length and cocktail length dresses, too. 

Choose the colour of the mother of the bride dress or outfit

Many mothers of the brides get nervous when choosing the right colour dress. After all, there seems to be plenty of “unspoken rules” when it comes to planning weddings. 

So what colour should the mother of the bride dress be? 

Really, the only colour to steer clear of is white. That’s the one colour that is usually off limits. However, if you’ve talked with your bride and she’s okay with it, then you might look at a few white or off-white dresses. 

Otherwise, choose a colour that coordinates well with the wedding’s colour scheme. Take a cue from the bridal party’s dress colour or pattern to help you decide on yours. 

You’ll also want to find a dress that works well on your skin. Most importantly, you want to find a colour that you feel comfortable and confident in! 

Does the mother of the bride have to wear a dress? 

Absolutely not! You should wear whatever makes you most comfortable and confident. If you feel better wearing a nice, classy pantsuit, then by all means do so. 

Ordering your mother of the bride dress or outfit

We advise you to order well in advance of the big day. This gives you plenty of time to return a wrong size and reorder your dress.

It also gives you plenty of time to have your dress altered or tailored if needed. 

Where to find mother of the bride dresses and outfits? 

Now that you know a little more of what to look for when choosing your mother of the bride dress, you need to find the places that carry some! 

There are plenty of shops that offer mother of the bride dresses both in person and online. 

If you’re looking for a variety of mother of the bride dresses and outfits in multiple colours, we can help you! Click here to see our selection of occasion wear for mothers of the bride. 


Mother of the bride dress and outfit styles

So if you have a special wedding coming up, start here by reading up on these dress and outfit options! 


  1. Sleek and formal evening gowns

If the wedding you’re hosting is formal, think a black-tie affair, you may want to go for a sleek and formal evening gown. These evening gowns will typically have gorgeous beading and form fitting, flattering bodices and skirts. 


2. Trendy and cheeky midi dresses

Midi dresses are the perfect style for fun, casual weddings! They’re also a great way to bring in more colour and patterns to your outfit. A great choice if you’re looking for a more cheeky, fun, and friendly vibe!

3. Modern and feminine maxi dresses

An excellent choice if you’re looking for something in between formal and casual. Maxi dresses are still floor length, but they’re typically made with a fabric that’s more casual than the usual evening gown. These dresses are excellent if you’re more comfortable with a longer dress that doesn’t show as much leg. 

4. Tailored and structured jumpsuits

A structured jumpsuit is perfect if a dress just doesn’t sit well with you. The most important part of finding the mother of the bride outfit is making sure you feel comfortable and confident in it. And if that includes a lovely jumpsuit, then by all means! 


Ready to start shopping for the perfect mother of the bride dress or outfit? We’ll help you! Click here to start finding the best outfit for the big day! 

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