| 1st January 2019

Become a Morning Person in Five Simple Steps

How is it that your bed gets ten times comfier when your alarm goes off?  We’d love to know!  Let’s face it, we could all do with an extra ten minutes of sleep in the mornings!  Although, we’d also love that bit extra time in the morning to get a jumpstart on the day and to tick a few things off our to-do list!  Getting that added kickstart to your mornings can make a huge difference to your day.  Here are five ways to slowly but surely become a morning person!


Don’t Sleep With Your Phone

A bit of an obvious one, but not sleeping next to your phone make such a difference.  Firstly, you won’t be tempted to scroll aimlessly through Instagram before you go to sleep (we’re all guilty of that!).  Secondly, if your phone is on the other side of the room, you’ll have no choice but to get out of bed to turn off your alarm.  Once you’re up, you may as well stick on the kettle for your morning coffee!

How to be a Morning Person in Five Simple Steps on
               Try not to sleep with your phone each night

Skip Snooze

Possibly one of the most difficult things to do, but try to avoid pressing the snooze button each morning.  Your body needs time to properly wake up in the morning, so when you press snooze one too many times you’re letting your body think that it’s ready to go back into a deep sleep.  Not a good idea!


Try 10 Minute Intervals

If you’re a massive fan of sleeping in (as much as you can that is) this is a great tip if you’d like to get up an hour or two earlier.  Rather than jumping in, get up ten minutes earlier each morning.  So, if your alarm usually goes off at 08:00am, set your alarm for 07:50am and for 7:40 the morning after.  Same goes if you want to go to bed earlier, get yourself cosy in bed ten minutes earlier each night.  Slowly but surely you’ll be waking up bright and bushy tailed at the time you want!


Plump Your Pillows

Granted, most mornings are a blur as we’re rushing around trying to do three things at once.  The act of making your bed probably won’t even enter your mind.  But taking a couple of minutes in the morning can start your day off on a good note, and may also stop you from jumping straight back in.  Plus, it looks a lot better too!

How to be a Morning Person in Five Simple Steps on
Take two each morning to make your bed, you’ll be glad of it!

Have Something to Look Forward to


It’s always easier to get out of bed if you’re jetting off on holidays or getting up to something exciting.  Unfortunately, we can’t have 365 exciting full filled days in the year.  Instead, make sure you have little things to look forward to each morning.  Whether it be taking ten minutes to yourself to enjoy a coffee, or listening to a podcast you enjoy on your way to work.

How to be a Morning Person in Five Simple Steps on
            Enjoy your morning coffee in your favourite spot

Following these simple steps, you’ll be a morning person in no time!  It’s the little things that add up after all.


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