| 7th January 2019

Five Reasons Why You Should ALWAYS Take Your Makeup Off

Sleeping with your makeup on is one of the worst things that you can do to your skin.  It’s so incredibly important that you take all of those products off and properly cleanse your face before you sleep so that your skin can breathe and repair itself throughout the night.  Even though all you may want to do is dive into bed, here are five reasons why you should ALWAYS remove your makeup each night.


Break Out

If you don’t clear away the dirt and oil from your skin before you sleep, you could find yourself developing a few blemishes. The oil and dirt clog your pores, which can result in nasty spots.

Dull Complexion

If you have ever woken up, caught a glimpse of your dull complexion in the mirror and wished your skin looked brighter, it could be due to your lack of cleansing the night before.  Regular cleansing and exfoliation are so important in revealing healthy new skin cells.

Five Reasons Why You Should ALWAYS Take Your Makeup Off on Very Blog

Premature Ageing

If you sleep with your makeup on and don’t properly cleanse, it can actually prematurely age your face.  A recent study claimed that a woman’s skin aged ten years in just 30 days when she didn’t remove her makeup for a whole month and simply applied new makeup over her unwashed face.  Scary stuff!

Skin Conditions

If you already suffer from issues with your skin, lack of cleansing will definitely make this worse.  Even worse – if you already have an inflamed area of your face and don’t cleanse properly, this could lead to an infection.

Five Reasons Why You Should ALWAYS Take Your Makeup Off on Very Blog


Many cosmetics can contain dyes or perfumes, which are safe to wear during the day. However, it could cause your skin to become irritated if not cleaned off before sleep.  So even if you are exhausted, wash your face before heading to bed. Your skin will thank you for it!

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