Five Minutes with former Cork Camogie captain Anna Geary

In recent times, we are used to seeing our Very ambassador Anna Geary waltzing her way around a dance floor, but she is still very much a GAA girl at heart.

With four All Ireland titles to her name, we caught up with Anna to find out more about her, from her favourite cheat to what she likes to get up to in her spare time!

What are you watching on Netflix at the moment?

I genuinely haven’t been watching anything really. People keep telling me you need to watch this, or you need to watch that, but I’m kinda one of those people that I am happy enough to watch anything! The last one I watched though was The Sinner, it was brilliant!

Favourite movie of all time?

I am really cheesy when it comes to movies. Recently I have gotten back into 90’s buzz of watching Sister Act and Father of the Bride, they are really nostalgic for me!

Tea or Coffee?


Ultimate cheat meal?

I think it would be pizza.

Favourite gym exercise?

Probably core, or squats!  

Least favourite exercise?

Pull-ups, but they are essential!

Inspirational Quote you live by?

I have lots of them, but one of the ones that someone said to me when I was dancing and it actually really stuck to me was, ‘Practice like you have never won, perform like you have never lost’.

Tell us a weird fact about yourself?

I learnt Japanese when I was in Transition Year. If ever go to Japan, I know how to ask someone for their phone number!

What would be your ideal day off?

Right now, it would be pyjamas, movie, nice food and a cosy couch!  

If you didn’t play Camogie, what sport would you play?

I always loved tennis, and I did sprint as well growing up. But does dancing count as a sport?  

Who is your sporting hero?  

Growing up I loved Sonia O’Sullivan. She did things her own way, and I think Serena Williams is the same. I always loved how Sonia was answerable to nobody, and how she set her own standards.

I had lots of heroes in Camogie and GAA but they were essentially two women that were doing it on their own. They weren’t team players and I always admired how driven they were.

Favourite music?

I love a mix of music, you should see my Spotify playlist! Everything from hardcore to Justin Timberlake, to the 90’s pop. I love 90’s pop now, if I’m driving in my car long distance I’ll throw on a fit of five, a bit of Spice Girls, roaring it out the window, that kind of does it for me!

One thing you could change about yourself?

I would be more punctual! My life is kind of hectic, I’m always going from one place to the other, and sometimes I wish I could take a little bit of a breather, and make some time for myself.

But then when I do have free time,  I wish I was filling it with something else. I kind of like being on the go, which doesn’t really help me!

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