| 11th May 2021

The Health Benefits of Satin Sheets

Sliding into satin sheets is one of the greatest pleasures in life. But the benefits go even deeper than that. In fact, several studies have found that satin bedding and pillowcases bring real, tangible health benefits. 

First, we’ll talk about satin itself, then we’ll outline the health benefits and give a quick buyer’s guide to this luxurious weave…

What is satin? 

Satin is a combination of silk and another material, usually polyester. Typically, it has an appealing sheen on its surface and a duller but cosier material on the back (the part that you’ll be in contact with!). 

It’s a weave that’s been around since the Middle Ages. Since its invention and throughout its existence, satin has always been considered a luxurious, sophisticated and elegant product. 

Of course, satin sheets pros and cons alike exist: but the benefits of satin sheets far outweigh any negatives (in fact, there are hardly any…) so they’re more than worth the investment.

How satin bed sheets benefit your hair 

Satin sheets, as we all know, are smoother and more resilient than traditional cotton. So, hair becomes less matted and tangled in contact with satin. Free from knotting, static and bunching, your hair will thank you if you rest your head on satin. 

Satin bed sheets are a must-have for anyone with dyed, dry, long or frizz-prone hair.

Why satin sheets are good for your skin 

are satin sheets good for your skin

Satin sheets don’t retain moisture like cheaper fabrics do. This means that your skincare products stay on you, not on the sheets. And, these sheets are gentler on your skin overall.

So, are sating sheets good for eczema? In fact, satin sheets are often recommended to people who suffer from skin conditions like eczema!

Why you should have satin bed sheets if you have allergies 

As well as being free of moisture, satin sheets attract and maintain fewer dust particles, dust mites and other unwanted elements. Sleeping on satin, and especially resting your head on a satin pillowcase, means breathing in cleaner air. 

This makes it a hypoallergenic, i.e., a product that benefits those with allergies. 

How satin sheets help you sleep better

Satin bed sheets, as you probably know, are smoother and softer than cotton; while cotton tends to be coarser. 

Softer, more comfortable sheets will help you drift into deep sleep faster. And the benefits of a good night’s sleep are almost beyond measure: sleeping well helps your mental health, energy levels, and immune system. 

Tips for buying satin bed sheets 

are satin sheets good for your hair

There are a couple of things to consider before to make sure you’re getting the right bedding for your lifestyle and taste…

Make sure the size is correct

You might have forgotten your bed and mattress size since you bought them, so just ensure that new bedding is consistent with your own bed size, whether it’s single, double, king size or queen size.

Consider your own style 

Satin is a luxurious product with a romantic, sophisticated appearance. So, if your room is rustic in style, you can still have satin, but just choose a homely, matching colour. 

If your home décor style is more formal and stylish, just about any satin will do, as long as the colours match.

What is the best thread count for satin sheets? 

A thread count is the number of threads, vertical and horizontal, per square inch of fabric. So, a thread count of 400 would have 200 horizontal and 200 vertical threads.

A thread count above 200 is noticeably comfortable, soft and high-quality. However, it’s only one factor in determining the quality of the sheet: material and a good brand are important too. 

Pleasant dreams! 

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