| 10th September 2021

The Ultimate Guide to Buying The 8 Essential Coats and Jackets for Your Closet

It’s that time of the year again when there’s a slight chill in the air every other day. Before you know it, it’ll be time to put away all your shorts and sleeveless tops and be ready with your cosy, comfy coats and jackets to combat the cold weather!

We hate to rain on your summer parade, but you may want to start planning your winter wardrobe early. That way, come autumn and winter, you’ll enjoy every last second of the blistering cold with your staple pieces.

And great news! We’re helping take away the dread of choosing your warm-weather outfits with a list of 8 essential coats and jackets everyone should have in their closet. Plus, once you add all of these to your capsule wardrobe, you can re-wear them season after season!

Classic Trench Coat

Aah, the classic trench. As soon as you put one on, you’ll instantly elevate your look and add structure and polish to your entire outfit. So, if you’re to add just one of the coats from this list, make it this style! You can dress it up or down depending on whether you’re on a business trip or off on a weekend getaway.

Essential coats and jackets for women and men include the classic trench coat

What colours to look for in a trench coat?

If you’re ready to add this iconic coat to your closet, we suggest sticking with the classic colours. Neutral camel, beige, or light grey will pair with just about any outfit you have on.

What’s the best material for one? 

We all know what the weather looks like here in the winter. You’ll want to be on the lookout for a trench coat that uses waterproof material like a tightly woven cotton twill.

Where to wear this coat?

Your trench coat is an excellent choice to wear in a dressier situation and in a casual setting. And that means more bang for your buck! Wear it on your morning commute (now that some of us are heading back to the office), for a weekend outing, or even for a classy event like a black-tie wedding.

What are trench coats best paired with?

This coat is super versatile, so you’ll have a lot of opportunities to wear it! Feel free to pair your trench with a casual outfit like a nice pair of jeans and a good top. It’ll give your outfit more structure. Or, you can throw it on over a snazzy suit or work outfit to give your look more sophistication and style.


Waterproof Parka

There’s nothing quite like the warmth of a waterproof parka on a windy, rainy winter day. So add this coat to your capsule wardrobe as soon as you can!

Woman wearing a cozy waterproof parka

What colours to look for in a parka?

A good waterproof parka doesn’t have to be the same neutral colours as a trench coat. A parka naturally is a little more rugged, so go for a colour that matches that aesthetic. Olive green, black, or even a bright orange or red will look great for this one. 

What’s the best material for one? 

The whole point of a waterproof parka is to be … well, waterproof! Find one that’s lined on the inside to keep you extra dry and warm. Make sure the outer layer is moisture-wicking, so all that rain will just roll right off your shoulders. 

Where to wear this coat?

This is a winter coat that’s best for all of your casual affairs. Any kind of running around you have to do in the cold? Wear a parka over your top to complete your look. 

What are parkas best paired with?

Throw your waterproof parka over jeans and a sweater with some casual trainers. That’ll keep you feeling warm and comfortable while still looking put together.


Luxe Teddy Coat or Shearling Jacket

Add a little texture to your wardrobe with a teddy coat or a shearling jacket that’ll make you feel like a million bucks. Plus, what better way to practically wear a blanket outside that’s completely socially acceptable? You’ll feel so cosy, you’ll be begging to go outside for just about anything. And yes, we do firmly believe that these are perfect coats for men and women. 

A luxe teddy coat keeps a young woman stylish and chic even in colder weather.

What colours to look for in a teddy coat?

Teddy coats or shearling jackets tend to look better in neutral colours. It seems a little more natural with the texture of these winter coats. Go for caramel or amber in colour. You might also find some good ones in white or rosy pink, too! But even a dark green or blue shade will look excellent. 

What’s the best material for one? 

These winter coats are made of faux fur or sherpa, which gives it that quintessential teddy bear look. Stick with anything like a sherpa, shearling, or faux fur for the classic teddy coat style. 

Where to wear this coat?

Depending on the style you choose for this one, these coats are great for casual settings, unlike all of the fur coats from way back when. You can absolutely wear a teddy coat while running errands or on a lunch or dinner date with friends. Just be prepared for everyone asking to feel it – it’s too cosy-looking not to touch! 

What are teddy coats best paired with?

Pair your teddy coat with jeans, trainers and a nice sweater. Or, if you decide on a more oversized one, you can throw it on over a dress or business suit!


Comfy Puffer Jacket

These jackets are super trendy and popular – and for good reason. They’re well insulated and are sure to keep you warm all winter long! 

Puffer jackets are great essential jackets for women.

What colours to look for in a puffer jacket?

You can never go wrong with neutrals, so look at black, white, grey, and even blue for these jackets for both women and men. But if you’re feeling daring, you can also go for a bold pattern or bright colour with this style! 

What’s the best material for one? 

Puffer jackets are either down-filled or synthetic down-filled. Usually, synthetic down-filled puffer jackets won’t keep you as warm as true down-filled ones. So, keep that in mind when shopping for one! 

Where to wear this jacket?

A good puffer jacket can be worn strictly for looks or getting some outdoor work done during those cold months. Wear it anywhere, whether you’re out and about in town, working in the yard, or even on your next holiday! 

What are puffer jackets best paired with?

Pair a puffer jacket with jeans and trainers and a casual tee. Or if you’re really keeping it laid back, pair it with leggings or sweats!


Polished Peacoat

This one is a perfect coat for women and men alike! It brings a flair of sophistication and poise to any outfit. Add this style to your closet and feel free to dress it up or down.
A polished peacoat is the perfect essential coat for men and women.

What colours to look for in a peacoat?

Peacoats look good in just about any colour they come in. Stay classic with this one by sticking to neutral colours like black, white, grey, or navy. Or get a little bold and add colour to your wardrobe by going for one that’s emerald green, red, or bright blue! 

What’s the best material for one? 

Peacoats should be made of heavy wool to keep you super warm during harsh winter months. Stick with one made of high-quality wool to make sure your peacoat lasts for several seasons. 

Where to wear this coat?

We love a good peacoat because it can be worn in so many different situations! Wear it to a formal event like a holiday office party or a wedding. Keep it casual and toss it on as you head out the door to do your Saturday shopping. A peacoat can be worn anywhere! 

What are peacoats best paired with?

Wear it over your work outfits to add a sophisticated flair to your office aesthetic. Throw it on over a glitzy dress or suit during the holidays. Or add it to a casual outfit like jeans, a sweater, and trainers to add more polish to your outfit.


Versatile Denim Jacket

Denim jackets have been on the scene since they were first designed back in the 1880s. And for good reason! Everyone looks cool once they toss one over their shoulders. 

Denim jackets are versatile and timeless while still adding a modern flair to any outfit.

What colours to look for in a denim jacket?

Denim has changed a lot since it was first created. And now you can get it in all kinds of colours. For the classic, timeless look, stick with the traditional blue. If you’re looking to add some edginess, pick a black denim jacket. And if you’re wanting to freshen up the trend with more modern colours, go for a light grey or white. 

What’s the best material for one? 

Denim itself is a durable and rugged fabric. So wearing a jacket that’s made of the same material as your jeans might feel a little uncomfortable. Find a jacket that’s made of washed denim. That means it’s been washed during production, and it’ll feel softer when you put it on your shoulders. 

Where to wear this jacket?

These jackets are the perfect casual piece for your wardrobe. Wear it while just running errands, or wear it to brunch on Sundays. You can even toss it on before a date to dress down your outfit just a tad. 

What are denim jackets best paired with?

The beauty of a denim jacket is how versatile they are! You can wear it with just about anything in your closet, and you’ll still look incredibly cool. Pair it with a sundress in the summer. And then switch it up by pairing it over a tee and jeans in the cooler months.


Casual Bomber Jacket

The original bomber jackets were worn by military pilots in the ‘30s and ‘40s. And it’s been an essential jacket for women and men ever since! You can’t go wrong adding this style to your closet this autumn.

A casual bomber jacket is the perfect essential jacket for cooler months.

What colours to look for in a bomber jacket?

Find a few classic colours like browns, blues, blacks, or greens. This will make your jacket even more versatile throughout autumn and winter. 

What’s the best material for one? 

A good bomber jacket is made out of leather, suede, or fabric. Find one that’s going to hold up well in rugged weather. 

Where to wear this jacket? 

This is another great look for casual outings! Wear this for shopping around on the weekends or on casual Fridays at the office. 

What are bomber jackets best paired with?

Wear a bomber jacket to keep warm and to complete just about any casual look. Our biggest tip is to make sure you don’t wear too long of a shirt underneath your jacket. Otherwise, it’ll start to look frumpy. Either tuck in your shirt or wear a shorter one to keep your look structured and put together.


Effortlessly Cool Leather Jacket

There’s not a jacket on this list that’ll make you feel more like Kate Moss circa the 1990s or good ol’ Arnold in The Terminator. And we do mean that in the best possible way! A leather jacket will up your cool factor as soon as you shrug it on. 

A cool leather jacket is the perfect jacket for women and men alike.

What colours to look for in a leather jacket?

Stick with the timeless black or brown for your leather jacket. That’ll make sure it never goes out of style! 

What’s the best material for one? 

The obvious choice here is leather. But leather can be extremely expensive. Not to mention, you may have ethical reasons why you don’t want a true leather jacket. That’s alright! If genuine leather isn’t your thing, there are plenty of excellent faux leather options out there. 

Where to wear this coat? 

We love this look for all kinds of casual affairs. Wear it for a date night to a restaurant. Or even just to grab a coffee in the middle of the day. 

What are leather jackets best paired with?

A leather jacket is gonna make you feel cool. You need an outfit that matches that confidence! Find some ripped denim and trainers or combat boots. Go for a casual tee underneath your leather jacket to give that old school cool vibe.


Things to keep in mind when buying coats and jackets

Buying essential coats for your wardrobe can come with a hefty price tag. So you want to make sure you make the right decisions before you insert your card chip into the machine. But how do you actually do that? 

Here are the top three things to consider when buying coats or jackets for your closet:

What’s best for your body type

The biggest thing you want to make sure is that the coat you’ve picked fits your body type. Everyone is different, so styles and trends will look different for everybody. Be sure to choose styles that make you feel comfortable and confident. Otherwise, you run the risk of hanging your new buy in the back of your closet where it will collect dust for the rest of eternity. 

Consider the material and colour

These coats and jackets are absolutely the staples you need when it comes to outerwear. And they’re staples for a reason – they won’t go out of style by next year! So consider the right materials and the right colours. You’re gonna want something that’ll last you a long time to make the investment worth it. 

Think about when and where you’ll wear it

There are some coats that look so good on the hanger. And you feel your credit card burning a hole in your pocket, itching to make an appearance so you can take that glorious piece home! But before you dole out the money, take the time to make sure you’ll have plenty of places to wear it. Otherwise, no matter how good it looks, it may end up as money wasted. 


Ready to start shopping for your essential coats and jackets for this winter? We’re here to help! Click here to start shopping for your newest closet additions!

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