| 11th October 2016

Six Inspirational Irish Women That We Should All Take Notice Of

International Day of the Girl was celebrated earlier this week, so what better time to celebrate some of our own amazing, home-grown, talented women?

International Day of the Girl aims to change things by challenging the discrimination that millions of girls around the world experience because of their age and gender.

Here in Ireland, we saw Étáin Sweeney Keogh, an 18-year-old from Fivemilebourne in Leitrim, take up the position of the Lord Mayor of Dublin for the day in order to raise awareness for the cause, and there are many other inspirational women in Ireland to take notice of.

Annie Atkins, Oscar-winning graphic designer and founder of Think & Son

Credit: Annie Atkins Instagram
Credit: Annie Atkins Instagram

Annie is an amazing graphic designer, and you may recognise her work from the brilliant The Grand Budapest Hotel. Annie has worked in many film genres, from The Boxtrolls to Steven Spielberg’s Bridge of Spies. When she isn’t being an amazing graphic designer, she is busy being an wonderful mother to her son Mabon.

Jane-Ann McKenna, Director of Médecins Sans Frontières Ireland

Credit: Jane-Ann McKenna Twitter
Credit: Jane-Ann McKenna Twitter

Jane-Ann has been travelling on missions with Médecins Sans Frontières Ireland to war-torn countries, places like Sri Lanka, Iraq and Darfur, since 2008. Jane-Ann leads fundraising here in Ireland, and also is in charge of the recruitment of volunteers to the incredibly worthy cause.

Pippa O’Connor, Lifestyle blogger and entrepreneur

Credit: Pippa O'Conor Instagram
Credit: Pippa O’Connor Instagram

Pippa is an incredibly busy mother, author, blogger and entrepreneur. She has shown us that women can have it all! She recently published her first book ‘Pippa: Simple Tips To Live Beautifully‘ and it has been met with huge praise by her fans.

Ellen Keane, Paralympian athlete

Credit: Ellen Keane Instagram
Credit: Ellen Keane Instagram

The Paralympain swimmer is a world bronze medallist and she is only 21! She began swimming at two years of age, and has been incredibly successful ever since. She pairs training for the Paralympics with studying for a culinary entrepreneurship.

Elva Trill, Television and film actress

Credit: Elva Trill Twitter
Credit: Elva Trill Twitter

Elva, 25, is a Sligo native, and you may recognise her from the hit TV3 programme Red Rock. Elva is a perfect example of setting your sights on your goals and never giving up. The former waitress is living her dream of being an actress, and she has been going from strength to strength since being cast in Red Rock.

Sinéad Burke, Blogger, and journalist 

Credit: Sinéad Burke
Credit: Sinéad Burke Instagram 

Sinéad, under the name of Minnie Mélange, is the perfect example of purposefully and successfully rebelling against society’s expectations. Sinéad is an academic, journalist and blogger and has received a huge amount of critical acclaim that far outweighs that of a typical person in their 20s. Her secret to her success is to surround herself with people who want her to succeed and encourage her.

This country is filled to the brim with amazing women, yourself included!

So celebrate the International Day of the Girl by supporting some of the amazing women that we have around us, whether it’s your sister, friend or colleague.

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